From the home page:

Click on the "Add a Page" link


You'll get a popup asking to choose a layout and a title for the page.

Choose the Zone Page layout.

For title, type the name of the zone.

e.g. "The Goblin Castle" without dashes or underscores (it's ok to use spaces).


You'll be brought to the zone creation page. Zone pages are pre-formatted and simplified so that all you need to do is enter information into fields. The fields are:

  • What will this page be called? - Use the zone name here. e.g. "The Goblin Castle"
  • Zone name - Again, use the zone name here.
  • Overview Information - Just write in your thoughts on the zone that you think people would care to read.
  • Zone type - Put in if it's a xp, an eq, something else, a combination of those.
  • Screenshot - I put in a spot for a screenshot since people like pictures. If you don't care to add this yet, don't worry it's optional. I'll add a screenshot later on after pages get created for those that are missing one.
  • Equipment - put any notable equipment found in the zone here. put "n/a" or "tbd" otherwise.
  • Walkthrough - put walkthrough here. put "tbd" otherwise.

Within the fields, when you want there to be newlines, use "<br>"