Zone Name: Forest of Alendora


Zone Type: Lowbie EQ/XP/Explore


Quick and easy explore, has a couple pieces of lowbie eq that can tweak nicely, personally think the zone is a little hard for how much xp it gives but can be decent for a low level stabber.




Explore walkthrough

1. From @ 2s 2e s 2e n 2u 3s 2w 2s e n Ice Takenos loot key
2. s w all n all w open door s unl strongbox open strongbox get all strongbox
3. n 2e 2d all s all e 2s w s w s hold harp use harp
4. All s e 2s open doors 2e Ice Da'raen loot blood
5. All w all n w all n e n e all n w 2n all e 2s all e u
6. d 3w 4s

The eq loads in the small area around the end of the explore. Most useful I've found is a HP waist and a mana hold that can tweak nicely. Da'raen loads hr/hp hands and a hr/hp hold. Most items are usable in the mid to upper teens, Da'raen's are low 20's. Falconers load 4dr lowbie gloves and are located throughout the zone.

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