Zone Name: Goland's Tower


Zone Type: Explore


There are a handful of aq's that require to run most or all of this zone. The explore is soloable by an upper level caster. C loc journal to make sure it loaded (almost always does) if it hasn't loaded than you can't get the explore. Really is no point to this zone other than the occasional aq and the explore.


There's a couple hp/sbr stuff but unless you get a freak tweak nothing here is worth it. Varnexus loads a 50+mana !W !C low level dagger.


Explore Walkthrough

1. From @ 3n 2e 4n 2w d kill pond dweller loot key
2. u 2e 2s search d 3w s open door w 2n dispel and kill Calsinc loot key
3. 3s open door w 2w search d kill Lord Goland
4. u unlock door n open door n dispel and kill Varnexus loot key (if in form trap and lure room 1s)
5. s e open door n n serch 2n search d n w dispell and kill priest
6. e s u all s e all n open door w w open door w w unlock portal open portal 2n 2e n w n 2w 2n e 2n dispell and kill Lord (!melee) get all (journal and key fall to ground when Lord dies)
7. 3s n all e 2s e n all e u 2s 2w kill guards loot key
8.unlock door open door n e dispel and kill Dornloth loot both keys
9. w 2n 2e search e 3u w dispel and dill Kuukle (if you don't care about the explore you can skip steps 10, 11 and 12 by looting the key unlocking the door west and going w 2s unlock door open door s u This will put you one west of Aylynsylka)
10. e 3d 2w unlock door open door n u 2s 2e dispel and kill Tuthluth loot key
11. 2w n unlock door open door e n unlock contrapshun open contrapshun get all contrapshun
12. s w s unlock door s open door s s u open door e 2e dispel and kill Roqorshon loot key
13. 2w 2n unlock door n open door n n u 2s unlock door s open door s s u e dispel and kill Aylynsylka loot key
14. w unlock door n open door n n blind dragon and flee. Once dragon is blind n dispel and kill Lady Goland
15. Once Lady Goland dies go back south tick up then go back n and kill dragon (fireshield is !dis but blinds and muffles easily)