1. from ent 1n all w, s ,w, s dispel magic poto kill poto unlock west w get shears

2. e, n, e, n 3 e, n, all eu e, e, s, u, dispel sint kill loot key, dw, n, w, u, all e. n, e, s, dispel dip kill dip

3.n w n all e all s get all jar all n all west all north east up e, s, e dispel soq kill soq

4. w n w d w all s all w 2d all w all u all west  unlock hatch open hatch, sneak invis

5 very fast  up; open str; get all str; down no need to fight at all

6 got to center go n all west repeat all east repeat back to center 1n all east repeat all west repeat

7 again go to center 1n and repeat all east all west just

unlock hatch; open hatch; up; open str; get all str; down

8. once you have all the keys go to the center all north unlock door north; open door north

repeat till you get to the end then its unlock hatch open hatch up dispel wellan kill wellantro

9. go all down all south all east all down east east ann north search down

10. north down south east dispel thoruk kill search  up c dispel ma quin; kill quin

11 unlock door north open door next room is 1 room cpk GET ALL CUSHION unlock chest open chest get all chest

loads ring of the keep and quinstones blackstone