Relic of VengeanceEdit

Zone: [123] Eldrick's Tomb

Mob: the spirit of Eldrick

the dagger of unremitting vengeance - 9d4 hps(55) mana(50) hr(6)

Relic of MightEdit

Zone: [55] The Swamp and Forest of Thanos

Mob: King of the Crocodilians

The twisted sword of iron will - 2H 12d5 hr(4) dr(4) 
SKL/SPL: SKILL_KICK (proficiency +15%) SKILL_KICK (success +3%)

Relic of HavocEdit

Zone: [89] The Fort of Kalata

Mob: Rashkal

Havoc, the battle axe - 2H 12d7 hr(7) dr(7) 
SKL/SPL: slash (proficiency +25%) parry (proficiency +30%)

Relic of WarEdit

Zone: [134] Den of the Necromancer

Mob: Githyanki Warlord

The general's rapier of war - 14d5 hr(7) dr(7) str(2)

Relic of BrutalityEdit

Zone: [57] The Temple of Bloodstone

Mob: Nightmare Beast

A polished club studded with iron spikes - 12d5 
SKL/SPL: charge (proficiency +15%) charge (success +15%) parry (success +30%)


Relic of StealthEdit

Zone: [17] Tharhalas

Mob: Malkin, the dwarven King

Virtuous, poniard of the heavens - DAG BSER 9d4 hr(6) dr(10) dex(1)

Relic of ThieveryEdit

Zone: [458] Sceptrum Ishachi

Mob: Ssslasssusss, King of Snakes

A lightweight shortsword - DAG BSER 9d4 dr(5) hr(5)

Gleaming light flies from the hilt of your shortsword into a <target>.

Relic of PainEdit

Zone: [62] Asnor Mountains

Mob: Kilnor

Bane, sacred blade of the damned - DAG BSER 8d5 hr(10) dr(7) srod(-2)

A Relic of JetsamEdit

Zone: [473] Ryvaera

the speargun of beaver's bane - Lev(22) 2H 6d6 missile by 4.0 AE hr(20) mana(20)


Relic of AngerEdit

Zone: [488] The Spiderwode

Mob: Beast of the wood

The staff of lividity - 5d9 AW AT AC hps(25) mana(45) 
SKL/SPL: Acid Blast (proficiency +15%)


Relic of DespairEdit

Zone: [166] The Condemned Arena

Mob: Ixpah the blood demon

The jeweled mace of a master cleric - 9d7 hp(50) mana(50) 
SKL/SPL: Shared Life (manacost -25%) X-Heal (proficiency +3%)

Relic of NobilityEdit

Zone: [75] Van'Kyln's Estate

Mob: Kailia Van'Kyln

Vigo, the cudgel of blessings - 7d7 hps(50) ss(-3) srod(-2) 
SKL/SPL: Benediction (manacost -50%)

Relic of Inner StrengthEdit

Zone: [477] The Hives of the Giants

Mob: The Queen Bee

A dragon-forged warhammer - 8d8 hps(45) mana(45) 
SKL/SPL: Tremor (proficiency +35%)

Relic of InjusticeEdit

Zone: [106] The Tomb of Oblivion

Mob: Apsu

Carnage, the battle bow - 8d8 missile by 3.5 hr(35) infcle(2)

This bow creates and shoots bone arrows 1x per round, or 2x per round with quiver.

Relic of PowerEdit

Zone: [614] Raskin's Valley

Mob: Thiiojys, the Hammer Head commander

A heavy iron chain - 7d6 hp(30) mana(30) 
SKL/SPL: heal (proficiency +3%) tremor (proficiency +5%)