Braneri, self-taught in the arts of magic and literature, sought to promote his love of learning by endowing a large academy. Though long dead, his ghost is rumored to preside over the workings of the academy and bless those students studying in it. The academy is not only home to some of the most brilliant minds in Medievia, but to beautiful architecture, brilliant gardens, and a divinely inspired chapel.

Rooms: 120

Life Span: 30 mins

PK Type: Nil.

Recommended Levels:

Solo: 16 - 20

Medium Group: 12 - 15

Large Group: 11 - 15

Keys: (See red text for key location and blue text for door location)

  1. a key to the library - Unlocks the Monastery Library. Go to the well in the main courtyard and head all down. "look in mud; get key mud"
  2. a small bronze key - Unlocks "The Dean's Office". Kill "a small fish" by entering the pond in the gardens.
  3. a small silver key - Unlocks "The Provost's Office". Kill "the dean of the academy" after grabbing Key #2.
  4. a small gold key - Unlocks "The Chancellor's Waiting Room". Kill "the provost of the academy" after grabbing Key #3.
  5. a large wooden key - Unlocks "The Chancellor's Comfy Office". Kill "the chancellor's secretary" after grabbing Key #4.
  6. a huge iron key - Unlocks "The Base of the Stairwell". Kill the academy chancellor after grabbing Key #5.
  7. a delicate scroll - Unlocks "Braneri's Crypt". Kill "the chapel preacher" and then search at the statue in the main courtyard.


  1. Visit the dean of the academy. Go to the gardens on the W side of the map. Once past the gate, go 2W and then 1D into the pond (NB: Underwater). Kill the small fish and loot the corpses for a key. Go 1 U and then all E until you enter the large building on the E side of the map. UNLOCK DOOR N and then you are in the Dean's Office. Ice Dean.
  2. Bring Peace to Braneri's Ghost. Go all N from @, U, N then GIVE 1 COIN USHER then 2N. Ice preacher. Then 2S, D, S to the statue, SEARCH, D and Ice Braneri.
  3. Explore the well in the grassy quad. From @, go all N until you hit the well. Then go all D until you get the achievement.
  4. Give an offering to the church. Go all N from @, U, N then GIVE 1 COIN USHER.
  5. Obtain a tall candle from the church. From preacher (see #2), GET CANDLE either in the same room or 1W. The candles load in other locations, notably the crates at the trader's post (All N from @, S, W, (N)) and the crates under the monastary (All N from @, 2S, 2W, D, N, W, S).
  6. Pay a visit to the academy chancellor. Complete #1. Then S, E, UNLOCK DOOR N, OPEN DOOR N, N, Ice provost (caster). Loot the key then S, UNLOCK DOOR S, OPEN DOOR S, S, Ice secretary (basher). Loot key then UNLOCK DOOR W, OPEN DOOR W, W and Ice the chancellor. Note the chancellor has a fireshield up normally, but can be dispelled.
  7. Relax in the garden of the prolific poppies. From @, go 5N, W, OPEN GATE, W, N.
  8. Enjoy the amazing view from the roof. From @, go 2N, all W, U, 2E and SEARCH. Then go U.

Equipment List:

Name Mob Item Type Location Attributes Damage HR DR Mana Move AC INT WIS SS
a beautiful, lonely rose OTHER HOLD
a bottle of aged Braneri wine LIQUID CONTAINER HOLD
a bundle of poppies OTHER HOLD
a condensed holy book a sleepy churchgoer TRASH HOLD
a cute little daisy OTHER HOLD
a heavy wooden quarterstaff monks, professors WEAPON WIELD !T !W 2H L 7d4 2 19
a pretty bluebell OTHER HOLD
a pretty red tulip OTHER HOLD
a pretty yellow tulip OTHER HOLD
a primitive sextant TREASURE
a professor's robes professors WORN ABOUT 19 3
a set of ghostly armor ARMOR Body 29 45 1
a set of ghostly leg plates ARMOR LEGS 7 2 -2
a sharp steel dagger a student WEAPON WIELD !C D 4d2 3 2
a small cluster of catchfly OTHER HOLD
a small container filled with
a small feather quill PEN
a student's academic robes students WORN ABOUT -12 1
a tall candle LIGHT LIGHT
a theology student's robes a lazy student WORN ABOUT -15 2
a wooden staff, inlaid with
the academy chancellor WEAPON WIELD !T !W 2H L 4d7 23 -2
an engraved longsword an academy guard WEAPON WIELD !M !C 5d6 2 2
the provost's robes WORN ABOUT 8 -1

Mob List:

Name Notes
a beautiful angel
a deeply religious man
a determined student
a distinguished professor caster
a frustrated student thrower
a greedy trader thrower
a grumpy professor caster
a lazy guard
a lazy student thrower
a plain academy guard disarms
a scowling professor caster
a shy student
a sleepy churchgoer thrower
a sleepy student
a small fish
a stout monk
a student disarms
a tall gargoyle
a thin monk caster
a vine of ivy
a young instructor caster
an academy architect
an academy guard
an astronomer caster
an astronomer caster
an old, frail professor caster
an old, studious monk caster
Braneri's ghost caster  !Melee
the academy chancellor
the chancellor's secretary
the chapel preacher caster
the provost of the academy
the trading master thrower